American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA) is dedicated to creating a transformed world with a progressively sustainable economy empowered by leaders guided by vision and wisdom and  entrepreneurs with conscience and creativity.

AILA has been founded by a leadership team that includes renowned leadership mentors, best-selling authors, management thought leaders, researchers, business leaders and academics from top business school around the world.

It offers training programs, speaking engagements, business coaching and consulting services aimed to develop and mentor enlightened leadership that govern organizations that are built to last.

    AILA is dedicated:

  • To develop leaders with vision and wisdom and entrepreneurs with conscience and creativity who are the  new partners of global transformation

  • To provide an accelerated curriculum for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and build a new business to last covering the whole life cycle of the business

  • To offer a sure-fire strategy for enterpreneurs and business leaders to jumpstart, turnaround and scale-up their business with breakthrough performance

  • To train business owners to become Oversight Leaders and effectively lead their CEO and board

  • To install in leaders and business people the philosophy of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship as a paradigm shifter towards global transformation

  • To equip leaders with the principles of global consciousness and the tools of unity through diversity and develop the new world leaders who will bring a sustainable global transformation

  • To nurture and develop legendary leaders who will govern with power, heart and mind

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