MDP Foundation

The MDP Foundation is a non-sectarian and non-political 501(c)(3) public charity. Its mission is to improve quality of life and advance human consciousness through education and life skills development by synthesizing the best of eastern and modern philosophies. It provides practical training and life coaching to professionals, families, youth and service organizations. Its programs are high impact, low cost, and easy to replicate. They implement non-pharmacological, holistic health and wellness solutions and offer fast results

The MDP Foundation support projects that alleviate human afflictions and world sufferings by directing resources to the under-privileged. They combat the world’s major unresolved problems and chronic issues by using breakthrough ideas and strategies. It has identified several world problems and human weaknesses to be resolved differently from existing efforts.
These include:

  • Quality of Life Improvement

    wellLIFE Program: An Anti-Disease Program.

  • Human conflicting nature, aggressive behavior and disharmony:

    harmonyLIFE Program:  Anti-Violence and Anti-Conflict Programs and harmonyLIFE Centers.

  • Laziness and Lack of Purpose Syndrome (LLPS)

    goodLIFE Program: An Anti-Laziness Program.

  • Vices and negative habits

    cleanLIFE Program: An Anti-Vice Program.

  • Leveraging the experience and wisdom of the elderly

    World talentSHARE and World wisdomBANK: A program for elderly to be productive.

  • Needs of your people and youth

    MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy: Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)

  • Poverty Consciousness and Low Human Dignity

    enrichedLIFE Program: Anti-Poverty Consciousness Programs.

  • Whole-Earth Care (WEC)

  • Whole-Earth Care (WEC) Program: Care for the Planet and Ecosystem

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